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beautiful friends!

Thanks again for all of the wonderful sweet things that you guys said on my birthday. I felt so loved and wonderful - it was a terrific surprise to find so many emails and notes at the end of the day after being out with my sister, having dinner here with my family, and enjoying being with E in between.

I have such great friends. I can’t help but gush about you guys. I was just glowing when telling my sister the next day about all of the sweet people in my life. And she was so happy to hear that I had such a great group of people to "hang out" with every day.

I got some really nice packages in the mail, which gave me a few presents to open on my birthday (since my party had been the weekend before) and even one the next day. I got a care package of candles (boysenberry isn’t just for boys anymore!), a pile of lip stuff and other samplers, a beautiful CD I’ve been wishing for, and to add to my collections off my wishlist.

So thank you all! laughing sun flower candle :music: smile


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You’re going to love love love those Cinnamuffin candles. I’m completely addicted now!

I’m glad you got the book from me. I’ve been having horrible problems with Amazon my last few orders, but I had my fingers crossed extra hard about your package! laughingkissluvya

Yay for friends and fun packages. You deserve only the best!

I’m glad you liked it, sweetiepie! kiss rainbow prheart star

Yeah, what Lisa said. wink You deserve every bit of it chickie.
luvya kiss Glad you had such an enjoyable birthday. laughing

I was looking at your sidebar and noticed all the Evanescence titles listed in your Now Playing. :music: It made me smile, so I had to come comment! rainbow

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