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buffy best eps

You’ll find that the closer I get to the series finale, the more I’ll talk about Buffy. laughing too bad so sad if you don’t like the show, you’ll just have to skip the obsessive way I read and write everything about it wink

Joss Gives His Top 10 Pick Episodes from today’s USAToday.

Excellent list, and article to go with. Its great to see that some of Joss’s picks for best eps are in my list. Which made me take a few minutes or so to put together a list of some of my favorites. Season 3 is my favorite season, and the storylines in the end of season 5 rocked (I loved the Glory storylines), but these are the best individual episodes in my eyes.

  • Passion [2] (Angel tormets Buffy, kills Jenny. Amazing scenes with Willow and her fishies, and the end with Gles finding Jenny in his bed was very well done, the music fits perfect.)

  • Becoming, Part II [2] (Evil Angel tries to open the portal to hell. Willow performs a spell to give him his soul back, but not before Buffy has to stab him to stop the hellish portal.l)

  • Band Candy [3] (overall fun episode. Seeing Joyce and Giles as teenagers is great fun.)

  • Lovers Walk [3] (Spike comes back to town. He recognizes the love between Angel and Buffy.)

  • The Wish [3] (Cordelia’s wish is granted, and Anyaka changes the world in the process. First glipse of VampWill and VampXander)

  • Doppelgangland [3] (VampWillow comes to town after Anya does a spell.)

  • Hush [4] See comments smile

  • Who Are You [4] (Faith takes Buffy’s body after coming out of the coma. Hints towards future episodes and SMG/Eliza do amazing job playing the opposite character.)

  • The Body [5] (Joyce’s Death. Super sad and amazing.)

  • The Gift [5] (Buffy fights Glory. Seeing the whole team participate in trying to stop Dawn’s death is really good. And the end was such a surprise to me. )

  • Once More With Feeling [6] (musical episode. 'nuff said. smile )

  • Tabula Rasa [6] (Willow’s spell backfires, and everyones memories are lost for a while. Some great commentary on the shows main themes.)

  • Lies My Parents Told Me [7] (Spike and Principal Wood fight. We learn a great deal about Spike, and its a turning point in season 7.)

Okay, I guess that’s a few more than 10, but these were the most memorable ones through the years to me.


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kadyellebee made a list of the best buffy eps and i agree with most of them...especially hush - truly uncommon television at it's finest. a big woot goes out for... [Read More]


I completely agree with those choices. I don’t think you left off any of the good eps... but "Hush" (the totally silent ep) will always be my favorite.

You didn’t like Hush? How could you not like Hush? That was an excellent ep!

Dopplegangland was one of my faves too. Evil Willow was too freakin' funny.

Becoming Part II was actually the first Buffy ep I ever saw, and it completely broke my heart. I cried all night. I am so glad I hadn’t actually been watching the series before that, because that ep would’ve devastated me.

The Gift and Once More With Feeling were also very cool eps.

It’s so sad it’s going away, but I suppose it had to happen some time, right? confused

Yeah, Hush should probably be on there. The gentlemen just scared the crap out of me, and I can barely look at the screen when they are on. But it was amazing, and the fact that Buffy and Riley were both fighting the same thing w/o realizing it really did good things for the storyline. And the part of the ep where Giles was trying to explain the plan with the overhead projecter was great. Okay, its on my list laughing

Yeah, The Gentleman definitely scared the holy living heck out of me. Flat freaky. That’s what made it so good. ;)

That overhead projector part was a crackup... lol I had forgotten all about that.

I just finished that article too. Very classy. I hope that the series ends well, so I can own them all on DVD. smile

(Sorry for the multiple comments.)

"Hush" is my favorite episode, too. It offers tension, emotion, and humor, all good stuff in a television show. I’m still evaluating the rest of the show as I watch through reruns in order again for the second time and trying to figure out what the heck is going on with Season 7.

It’s funny, I’ve been talking a lot about Buffy lately, too. And brough the OMWF soundtrack into class today with amusing results.

But really, with it ending, I mostly remember getting hooked on it. HOW many episodes did you show me that week?! LOL I just can’t believe it’s going to be over! I’m going to have to think about top episodes. There are so many! LOL

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