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fun presents

I had such a nice birthday party day yesterday. I had fun making myself a little list of all the neato stuff sitting here from the day...

  • Bath & Body Works: Plumeria bubble bath and Pearberry body lotion. (from Lisa). They smell so nice.

  • A variety of candle tarts for my little tart warmer: Honeydew Melon, Macintosh, French Vanilla, Raspberry Sorbet, Cucumber & Canteloupe, and Island Mango, (from Matthew)

  • work out clothes - stretchy pants and white shirt that I can wear walking. exercise (from mom)

  • new slippers! I call them my angel slippers because they are so soft its like walking on clouds!! (from mom)

  • A Marjolein Bastin candle set (from E’s mom) along with a few bunny things.

  • :music: Cool Logitech Speakers for my computer—now my base sounds rockin'! (from Eric)

  • Toy Story and Toy Story 2! (from mom)

  • money for Homedic’s Aroma and Sound machine (which I believe is the one that Zuly recommended!) (from mom)

  • money for something at Best Buy (from E’s mom)

  • Pretty flowers and candle - I’ll take a pic tomorrow (from Leonard and Sarah)

  • Promise of lunch and a movie on my actual birthday (from Megan)

I made out like a bandit, didn’t I?!!! It smells pretty in here w/all this nice stuff!!


I’d say you hauled! wink

That’s a very nice haul! smile And it’s not even your bday yet, so who knows what else will arrive yet. gem candle star

It is indeed the sound machine I recommended, and it is the best!!!! I don’t know what I’d do without it!! I hope you enjoy yours!!!

I just bought some tart warmers last week and I got all of those except the raspberry. i hope you enjoy those, I have island mango burning now rainbow

Wow, sounds like an awesome time to me and it looks like you made out like a bandit!! wink Groovy!!

ewww, cantaloupe *puke*

Wow, you made quite the haul chickie. I’m going to call you the Birthday Bandit... laughing

yeesh..! indeed you did make out like a bandit.. butterfly