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This or that

This week’s this or that is The *Take Comfort* Edition. I like that. Great theme! smile

  1. Lying down on the couch, or stretching out on a recliner? couch is nice. Particulary when its covered with pillows and blankets to curl up in.
  2. Going barefoot or wearing soft slippers? I’d be barefoot year round if it was warm enough. I do wear slippers when I’m walking around the house - I got new ones for my birthday!
  3. Eating ice cream, or pizza? That’s a hard one. I like Pizza and ice cream for desert smile
  4. Watching on TV...a classic movie or a reality show? I’m not big on classics or reality shows. Give me drama or action or comedy anyday.
  5. Wearing: blue jeans or sweat pants? Sweat pants lately. Comfort is good.
  6. A long, soothing bubble bath or a quick, invigorating shower? Its so hard to get in and out of the bathtub when my legs and back hurt so much - I need a handicap bar to pull myself out! Otherwise, a long bubble bath would be an every day event.
  7. Furniture: leather, or something more on the fuzzy side? Fuzzy, all the way smile
  8. Soft, classical music, or upbeat rock & roll? Upbeat is good!
  9. Darkness or light? Darkness. Light sensativity has me squinting to even walk by the window these days.
  10. Thought-provoking question of the week: You get married, or otherwise begin cohabitating with a significant other. S/he moves into your place, but brings with them the UGLIEST chair you have ever seen! You really don’t want this thing in your home, but SO says it is the most comfy chair s/he has ever sat in, and no way will they part with it. Do you: grin and bear it, or scheme to get rid of the montrosity somehow? Ha ha, scheme to get rid of it. Eventually, it would have to be replaced with something comfy but nice looking!!


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