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appt and out

Megan is on her way over here to take me to lunch (she’ll drive, I’ll pay ;) ) and then to my appointment. Why do I get so stressed out about these things?! But I printed off the papers I wrote yesterday, and I’ll go from there.

Megan also said she’d like to stop at the fabric store to get material for Leah Marie’s quilt. Yay, I get to help pick it out! I bet we’ll find some pink-green stuff!!

So I suppose that means that if I’m leaving, I better go and actually find a shirt to wear. My current half-way dressed black jeans and a black bra and wet hair with no makeup probably isn’t the appropriate leaving the house attire, huh? ;)

I think I’m gonna set the VCR for soaps on the offchance that they decide to stop WarTV long enough for them to be on ;)

Ahhh, gray shirt, a teeny bit tight, but then I can wear my comfy shoes and stripey socks from Christine and Kymberlie flower Sounds like a plan, man strawberry The sun is out, even though its only 36° so its a nice day. Cool stuff!


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Sounds like you’re looking good for your appointment. I hope you actually get to have yours. laughing Enjoy the nice Spring day. butterfly

I’ve got my cute polar bear socks on that match my flannel pj bottoms, though I don’t have those on since I’m at work. laughing Have a good day out and about! I’ll be thinking of you! prheart

Good luck girlie! Just relax. Think about shopping and at lunch. laughing

bug butterfly

Strike that "at". ;)


Have a good day girl! I hope your appointment goes well. {{{hugs}}}

i can’t stand appointments. i never keep them! have a great day =)

good luck with the appointment kristine!

It was 76 degrees here in Vegas today- it was BEAUTIFUL! butterfly By the way, I heart your little smilies and pictures - too cute!

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