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charting and noting

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. My sister wanted to come to one with me, so we scheduled it for her spring break. But I haven’t done very well at following the doctors orders: she wanted me to write notes about what happened healthwise through the last weeks. I’ve kept some notes, but not nearly as complete as I’d like to have. So I went through my journal entries to try and piece together the other times.

I’m always nervous before these. Especially when I’m unprepared. But I’ve been pretty sick since the last week of January when I saw her. Megan’s coming with me, so she’ll keep me from stressing too much. I just need to spend a bit more time looking over these papers, and I want to rewrite my "typical day" chart thing that I did last week—I did a little chart of what times of the day I feel best.

So between that and the project I’m working on and a long nap, that’s been my day. Pretty exciting, huh? ;)


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I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow! luvya prheart rainbow

*hugs* thinking of you and hoping the appointment goes well.

I hope everything goes well for you today. I’ll be thinking of you. heart

Let us know how it goes.



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