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Leah will be pinkgreen

Megan and I had a blast shopping for shower gifts for our soon-to-be-born niece, Leah Marie. smile We’ve decided that Leah will be a pink and green baby, because we found THE MOST adorable little sleepers and other stuff that matched, and instead of all pink, we mixed and matched smile Some of the pink ones say "baby girl" and some of the green ones say "special baby" in a curly font. The patterns on the patterned pieces are little light brown bears and either pink objects (sweaters with hearts, booties, bibs, and flowers) or green objects (baby pins, booties, diamond shapes, and some yellow accents). We just totally feel in love with them, and we were so glad when we found out that Wonderlux and Polar Industries were the same brand, so there were more things to pick from!!!

So we got a nice array for a basket full of clothes: short-sleeve body suits with 5 patterns in green, Long-sleeved layette set with 2 sleepers and 2 bibs in pink, Bath Set with 2 towels and 4 washclothes in green and a receiving blanket set with 3 blankets in pink. I think we are gonna find a little brown bear to go in with it. We kinda like the baby gap bear, but its a rattle too, so it might not be as cuddly. But it looks very similar to the bear in the outfits.

So anyhow, it was a delightful time shopping online together, and I’m so excited for Sarah’s baby shower so we can give her all this cool stuff smile


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I love shopping for baby stuff! My mom would like to shop for grandbaby stuff, but that’s another story. laughing I think the pink and green will be adorable together.

a little on the expensive side but gymboree has some truly adorable stuff smile

Baby stuff is sooooo much fun to shop for!! That all sounds really, really cute hon! Oh, and the baby gap teddy bears are wonderful!! We have a little dog one that they had when Brodie was really little and the kids loved it! laughing

Baby clothes are just the cutest things. Whenever we go to a store, I see about a million baby things I want to buy, and then I always have to think about who’s kid I would give it to... lol

Glad you had fun. smile

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