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Yay! Armageddon was on the other day, but there was something else on that we wanted to watch before it was over. I just opened up MyWay (my portal of choice with no popups and my customized tv listings) and Armageddon started an hour ago; which is almost exactly where we stopped watching it the other day.

I love this movie. I own this movie. I don’t care, I’m watching it on TV wink

Tee hee, Dusty Donovan has such dark hair on this movie. . . I knew he was on here, but I didn’t know how different he looked between then and now when he’s on ATWT!!!


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I do the same thing... I own movies, and watch them on TV. For some reason, sometimes that just seems easier. It’s nice to have commercial breaks too. ;)

I don’t think it’s any easier to watch them on TV... it just makes it more special. Like someone in TV land blessed the TV with a movie you like, so you HAVE to watch it. I’ve seen (about 50 times) and own the Indiana Jones movies, but watch the series EVERY time it comes on TV... it’s like a compulsion. I never watch the ones I own, either... sad, huh? I’ve stopped buying movies for this reason. If I want to watch it, I rent it or I watch it when it makes the rounds on TV.

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