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Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

sarah-maddy had a wonderful post about her Top 5 Guilty Pleasures, and I couldn’t help but reply. As soon as I post this, I’ll think of more, because I have a lot, but here’s the first five that I love smile

  1. Disaster Movies—the more silly tv/movie stars the better. They scare me a whole bunch, but I watch them anyhow! Stuff like Armageddon all the way to cheesy TV movies like Aftershock: Earthquake in NY.
  2. Long running Series on TV, from now or from my past. Soaps seem to fit in that category too - A few favorites include 90210, Out of this World (the dad was in outer space), Saved by the Bell, Little House on the Prairie. There are tons more wink
  3. Cereal for any meal. E laughs at me, but I really could eat it for days before I was tired of it—I’d run out of milk way before I was sick of cereal! Currently, I’ve been eating Rice Krispies with Quaker 100% Natural granola on top or Raisin Bran. During Christmas, I was craving Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries, and so I got a box of that! Life Cereal is always a favorite.
  4. Sexy stories. From the tamer romance novels of Jude Deveraux to the steamier novels of Judith Krantz (there’s a 14 page scene in Scruples Two that has been particularly well-read wink to the silly and erotic fan fic (I can’t help it, Laure’s stuff is amazing).
  5. Jammies and naps. Easy to explain, right? smile

    honorary mentions: microwave popcorn (my journal from July 2001 had that on the sidebar). The IMDB. Making everything a link in my journal so others can know more. Pop music—some of it is so wacky and quickly gone from the airwaves, but I can’t help but enjoy!


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Towering Inferno is my favourite disaster movie! I’m with you for everything on your list - I have so many well-loved books it’s scandalous! ;)

Cerial is one of the best creations ever! ooooh Granola, eh?

Out of This World... wow, have you seen any episodes lately! I used to watch this long ago, and have never been able to find it in any listings!

I long to remember fully the song she and her dad would sing!