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redesign almost done

I think I’m finally almost done with my girly-pink redesign of love-productions. Feel free to check it out! smile I’d love to hear what you think!! It sure was fun to do, and now my site is almost completely php'ed now, so redesigning will be a snap! smile


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It’s great! For some reason, it reminds me of a cookie. smile

You are just so talented!

I wanna go to the Kristine School of Graphics Arts when I grow up. Do you think there will be a school by then? smile

Wow, girl. You are sooooo good. Nice job!

i love it! beautiful smile

Awesome! I love it!!! laughing
I wish I had your talent, Kristine.

Yep, it’s gorgeous! Well done, girl! smile

Beautiful. It seems so well put together. If I weren’t aware of my shortcomings and resigned to them, I’d be green with envy. smile

Just a small note. The link for the rates page on the front page is broken, I think it should read /rates.php rather than rates.html. wink

As I mentioned yesterday, I think the redesign is awesome! I’m looking at it on my computer at work using IE 6 with 800x600 screen resolution and there’s a little gap between the left-hand and right-hand sides of the heart. Also, the left-hand border of the main table cell isn’t showing up?

Wowser! "Love" the new love-productions look, Kristine!! smile

Looks awesome Kristine! I dig the dusty rose and the fun fonts. Very sweet!

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