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feel well at home

So I knew I was feeling a bit better. Quite an improvement over last week. But apparently, feeling better at home doesn’t mean that I am well enough to really leave the house. By the time I got ready to go, I was feeling pretty tired. And I was yawning after being there for only a little while. My energy just went away so fast, and I had mom drive me home at 8:30 instead of playing a game with my siblings. A reminder of how this year started with so much tiredness and sleeplessness more towards the beginning of my illness. So its time to rest. I’ll start out the new year by getting some rest. That seems like a great plan, doesn’t it? smile

Dinner was delicious, and it was great to be with my family. Megan’s boyfriend Lenny was really fun to meet, and I’m so glad to be getting to be better friends with Sarah. Its really great that our family is enjoying spending so much time together more often. I have a feeling this will continue on even after the holidays, and that makes me happy. What a blessed thought for the new year - renewed family relationships smile

Happy New year, my friends!


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Happy New Year!

Hope you have a great New Years smile

Happy New Year! Take it easy and welcome the new year rested!

Happy New Year my love! *throws confetti*

Happy new year to you sweets! I was home at 9, exhausted. Played Jak and Daxter on the PS2 for a while and then fell asleep on the couch watching TV. Woke up about 11:40, dragged myself to bed. Drifted off again, rolled over to see 11:59 on the clock, stared at it, waiting... and then I was out again before it flipped to 12:00! lol. I think this is the 5th year in a row now I haven’t seen midnight on NYE. smile

If you didn’t get Jak and Daxter yet, I’m going to get it for you!! Let me know and it’s on the way!

Happy New Year! And here’s to a grand year ahead.

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