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slow day!

So since miss m'lissa was wondering why I’d been quiet today, I realized I kinda was quiet!!

I’ve been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts, and in between, I’ve been working on some PHP to answer a request in the mtforums - format date, which is basically a modification of another PHP script I wrote to display Today, Yesterday, or the week day.

Leonard and Sarah came and visited me last night, and brought me the most heavenly cheesecake. My goodness, I was gonna just have some of it and save some for E, but nope, it was too good to not eat NOW!!! Yum. Leonard is going to cook tonight, so we are all gonna go over to Mom and dad’s house - Megan’s gonna come pick me up with her boy (I’d say they are official boyfriend/girlfriend with how much time they’ve spent together this break!)

I miss E. I mean, the quiet is nice, but I’d love to have someone to kiss at midnight!!

So I should stop playing and start showering. :giggle: Sarah and me teased that we’d wear our jammies tonight, but I suppose I should put on real clothes since Lenny (Meg’s boy) is coming smile


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Man, I would love to be able to wear my flannel polar bear pjs to the party we’re going to tonight! Who cares what’s proper? ;)

Happy New Year! And here’s a kiss from your fishgirl! *smooch*

Happy New Year K..

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *SMOOCH!* There’s a big ol' New Year’s kiss for you!

Happy New Year, Kristine! smile

Happy New Year, honeypie! smile

Happy New Year!! laughing

Happy New Year, Kristine. I’m so glad I "met" you in 2002. smile

Happy New Year my friend! We have both undergone so many changes this year. *HUGS* I hope you only have wonderful things in 2003!!

Glad to hear that you’re okay, and going out tonight, to be with family. A and I didn’t want you to be home alone. smile

Happy New Year girlie. Here’s to a great new year, and many happy, healthy days.

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