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obnoxious talk about my lack of sleep. middle of the night whine that not everyone will need to hear!

well, another unproductive night of sleep. I keep just waking up for no good reason - total awakeness, and then it takes forever to go back to sleep because I am laying there thinking about my talk with dad. I’m having chest pains on my right side when I breathe.

So I’m awake, and have 4 hours until work. I watched some tv off and on during my waking times - I saw part of a show on Will Smith (the Matt Lauer show on MSNBC, I think), some of Home Alone, more episodes of Behind the Music than I care to admit, some E! news, and other random things! Its insano!

I have so many thing to accomplish at work today. The big thing is that I’m changing the prices of everything in the computer. THere’s a way to do it all at once, but I’m worried it’ll miss thing or leave out the inactive items or round differently than I did. Hmmmm.... And dad called yesterday to remind me about something I was supposed to do before CHristmas and didn’t. Oops.

Then, I have stuff to do here in prep for Meg’s new year party. I’m not sure if I’ll be attending or not, since I’m so exhausted, I may just stay upstairs. She will have fun hosting anyhow, so i’m not too worried about it.

I wish I had thought to get myself some benedryl or something to help me sleep. Maybe I’ll get that at the store tonight because this is just getting ridiculous!

Going to lay down and try again... :sigh:


Sounds like you’ve got an awful lot on your mind. Not being able to sleep is a real hassle. After a few days this can really start dragging you down, so be careful. Try and relax (which is easy for me to say). What helped me alot was learning to visualize myself floating on a raft on the still ocean waves with the gentle sea-breeze in my face, or... taking a peaceful stroll along a trickling creek somehwere deep in the woods where it is very very quiet, or... floating weightlessly in outer space, or... maybe focussing on a pinpoint of nothingness in your mind causing all other thoughts to fade away and leave you alone. Just some simple tips is all. Hope this helps.

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