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one last post

Okay, there’s people setting off fireworks somewhere near here, and I jump everytime they go off. LOL, not a good thing for being at home alone!

Dick Clark is on, but even better, Mario Lopez is on talking to the crowd! (I watched a whole special on Saved By The Bell on E! the other night. LOL!)


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Hehe. Your macro turned E! into your one true love! smile What’s that Mario up to these days? The last I saw he was in some awfully dodgy movie... :0

Have a good one, girl. I spent the night in last night, after receiving a very special series of mp3s from a friend with contacts(from an unreleased/upcoming album by my favourite singer/songwriter). They might not have been actual fireworks, but I was jumping around like they were! No party could have topped that joy, even if I was home alone! ;)

p.s I spotted in Collectics that you’re listening to Under Rug Swept. It’s an excellent album, and staggerinly beautiful in places. smile

Happy New Year Kristine! Wishing you a wonderful 2003! smile

maddy, E is her one and only true love and he’s also a top entertainment channel! You can’t beat that...


Isn’t it amazing how Dick Clark never ever looks older? That man must have an unbelievable plastic surgeon.

Holy crap! I just checked IMDb... Dick Clark is 73!!

Yeah, I’d say he has a really really good plastic surgeon... or else he made a deal with the devil. ;)


happy new year kristine!

Happy New Year Kristine!

Happy New Years Kristine!
wishing you all the best.

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, Kristine - I hope it’s filled with lots of happiness, health and love smile

Happy and Peaceful New Years Kristine!

Totally off topic, but how did you get your BlogTimes to change to January? Mine still says December!

Happy New Year Kristine!! I hope 2003 brings you all the best is health and happiness!! smile

Happy New Year, Ms. Kristine!!! smile

So THAT’S who that guy was! I knew I recognized him from somewhere.... he’s a cutie! smile

Happy new Year, Kristine! Hope it is blessed, peaceful and healhty.

Love the looksmile

!!! Happy New Year !!!

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