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happy morning

Good morning!!! I’m feeling quite full of sunshine this morning smile

I got up slowly this morning, and played a bit of my game while I was waking up. Then I crawled back into bed and finished up my CSS book (thoughts are up on collectics), and that was nice. Then I decided to finish sorting the pile of clothes - I went through every drawer in my closet and took out the stuff that I knew I wouldn’t fit back into - some of it was back from high school, and others were ugly. I had to keep some for sentimental value for the moment, but I have a huge pile to give away. Then I put all of my clothes away and finished up my hanging clothes too. So I just need to go through the give-away pile and throw away the things that aren’t worth giving away, and then let Meg and Lisa look through to see if they want anything.

I took a nice long shower with yummy vanilla soap, and then trimmed my hair. The ends were really getting raggedy, and I’ve been loosing more hair lately, so I trimmed it up a few inches to try to make the ends not look so thin. I have a lot of hair on top, but the end curls aren’t as thick. So I *should* cut it way off, but I like my long hair, so I’m keeping it as long as I can smile

Now I am dressed in my new jammies and a happy yellow bra, and getting ready to settle in to get some work done on my to do list including the font stuff that is almost done after I typed the rest of the names last night while watching Stargate. Yay! smile

First, I’m gonna head over to the MT forums and get caught up on questions from last night. And somewhere in the middle of this all, I’m gonna eat some breakfast smile

Happy morning to you all!!!


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