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happy 500 PY!

Happy 500 to Picture Yourself!

500 pictures later, and still going strong. It seems pretty appropriate that it started off with pictures of Christine and I, and today to celebrate, the Ch/K power is back on the main page. smile Christine’s done a great job keeping wonderful self-portraits up on the site since it started a little over 2 months ago. smile I’m so proud of how the project has grown, its really been great!

Now what are YOU waiting for? Get in on the action! Take some pictures of yourself and go and submit them!!


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Teehee! I *LOVE* your drawing! You must e-mail me a copy of that ... pretty please?

I just added #502 and #503 to the site, so we’re off the homepage for now - although I think I’ll have to go back and screenshot us for the memories later on! Thanks for ALL of your help and support - I couldn’t have done it without you!

Aww, what a cute drawing!

What a great drawing!

you’re such a cutie!!! laughing

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