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afternoon stuff

I ate a late lunch, and that meant that I wasn’t hungry for dinner. Oops, so I didn’t cook for E. But my lunch was so good. I had another yummy sandwich, but I put some really teeny pieces of apples into the chicken salad mix, and that made it super yummy. I’m eating popcorn for dinner, consequentially smile

I spent a great deal of the afternoon searching online for present ideas for Christmas. I did find quite a few of the things, and bookmarked it all in my to do list so that I could easily purchase things all at once. I still have a few people to find stuff for, but I’m a whole lot closer now.

Then this evening, I’ve been working on getting Blogplates ’s member list updated. I had a whole rush of applicants (among the stupid normal ones that aren’t anything - a lot of foreign blogs sign up for the ring - like at least 5 a week).

E came home early from work, but he’s listening to crappy stuff on his computer with huge ugly headphones on, so its not like I could talk to him anyhow!!!

I watched Charmed, and it was the episode where Piper and Leo got married. How cool!! I love this show smile Now Buffy’s on (Ben is Glory and Glory is Ben??!!) and its fun to see the 5th season episodes. I like them almost as much as the 3rd season episodes, except they are a bit more connected instead of separate stories like 3rd season tends to have.

And that’s been my day. Nothing too exciting!!!


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Oh my! I guess I could be a Blogplates member since I’m using a Kristine-y skin on my blog, huh? I need to remember to do that!

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