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monday mission 2.47

I felt like doing the Monday Mission 2.47 today smile

  1. Have you ever made a wish that came true? Yes. I wished for a perfect boy to spend my life with, and I’m married to him smile
  2. How about any wishes that you are happy never came true?
  3. Do you like who you are? Are you the person you hoped you would become? For the most part. I don’t feel like my life goals are all being lived out yet, but I feel like I’m on the right path, with the exception of my health.
  4. I recently found some job applications that I never turned in. Back in 1986 I intended to apply at "County Seat" and "Chess King" but got an offer from Penny’s (where I worked all through college). It was a good thing, since only one of the three is still around. Have you ever applied for positions, or had any interviews, where you later are glad you never got the job? I applied and interviewed for a housekeeping position at college. I didn’t want to do it, and I went to the interview in a skirt. They informed me I couldn’t wear skirts with this job. And when I got back to my room, I had a message on my machine from the Technology Department asking me to come in for an interview. I worked in that job for all 4 years smile
  5. While on the topic of career opportunities, what was your very first "real" job? What job was the most embarrassing? Well, when I was 11 or 12, I worked for my dad at his job. Then when I was 12, I volunteered at the library for 4 hours a week. I worked for my family from 13 on. And then my first REAL job was at Big Lake Youth Camp. The summer I was 16, I lived at camp for 12 weeks and worked like a slave. I had to apply and interview and work hard. It was a hard summer, but a good experience
  6. Speaking of news, have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet? Such as being in the newspaper, on television, linked on a high-profile site or otherwise caught in the spotlight of the media? Well, theredkitchen was featured on Call For Help earlier this year, and then in lockergnome later on that week. That was a good high profile week smile
  7. In the USA, many of us will celebrate Thanksgiving this week. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving (or something like it)? Do you enjoy getting together will your extended family for these types of celebrations? Yep, I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this week. With E and my family. I do enjoy these celebrations, and its the first *real* holiday that Sarah (Leonard’s fiancee) will be with us smile


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