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Welcome to Kadyellebee!

Welcome to the brand new home for Kristine!

all about kadyellebee.com [popup]

Thanks for being patient while I made the updates to the files - I made some changes to how comments are viewed, and scaled down the list of skins (I’ll be adding more back in later). And what could be better than unveiling a new site AND getting to watch the Buffy Musical all on one night?!!! WOO HOO!!!

Look around, have some fun, click some links - I am excited to hear what you think about my new home!

Edited to add: We had some comment problems over night - if you tried to comment and couldn’t, I apologize!

My love-productions.com/hopelessromantics address will continue to work, but if you’d like to make changes to your link list to reflect my new name and address (kadyellebee and http://kadyellebee.com), that would be cool smile


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OMG! it’s BEAUTIMOUS! you are so amazingly fabulous in everything you do. i love this so much. and i love you too! smile

and i’m the first commenter on the new domain - woohoo! i knew that constant refreshing would pay off. heehee!

I *love* this new look! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! And I’m off to update your new link right now! laughing

I love it! So pretty - the red and black are great!

woot!! it looks gorgeous!!

Hope you don’t mind me lurking! I love your new look. It is really beautiful... smile

::tries to comment::

Love it!

This is so pretty....you are so smart! I love it!

You are so talented you shouldn’t worry about leaving the job with your parents....you could do so much with your gifts!

woot-woot! i love it hun! love it!

Kristine, you have a wonderful gift for design. You know this is is your true calling! It’s so hard to design a site that is both attractive and well-organized when there’s lots of information, and you’ve struck a perfect balance. I love it.

I love it. Absolutely fabulous! I’m green with envy. You have such wonderful skills.

I kept trying to comment here last night and it wouldn’t let me!

Beautiful new place, sweetie! I love it and have changed all of your links to reflect your new home. smile

Lovely, KDLB! Just lovely lovely lovely! And I love the story of your name too. :o)

Oh yay—the comments are working again! I had problems last night, too. It looks just mahvelous, dahling. Ab-so-lutely mahvelous! And the URL couldn’t be more perfect!

OMG - Kristine - you have out done yourself here, girl! This layout and design is simply stunning. I LOVE IT. I agree with what someone else said, you need to be working in the web development field. I am making a pretty decent living in it, and I’m not HALF as talented as you are!!!

Very awesome!! You have amazing skills.

Your new site looks great, Kristine!

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