What is kadyellebee?
or is that who?
KADYELLEBEE. Isn't it a nice sounding word?

Say it outloud, and what does it sound like?


All my life, my dad has called my by my initials. He's always said "hey, KDL, come over here." All of us kids were taught to be proud of our initials and our names. Rina started calling me Lady K for a while, which evolved to Lady Kady because I thought it sounded cool.

Because of the love of these names, I made a choice. When I got married, I kept my maiden name as my 2nd middle name.

Kristine Diane Locatis Beeson.


I've been Kristine of hopelessromantics for such a long time, but it was time for a place for just me. Here it is - what do you think??!

design notes: The reddish background is actually a picture I took of roses that Eric gave me for my birthday this year. All was created in photoshop and handcoded with TONS of css :)