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tlc shows

I just saw the commercial for a very special Makeover Story - starring Amy Wynn and Ty from Trading Spaces!!! Sounds like a ton of fun! Saturday July 13 at 10pm and 1am smile

I also caught a quick glimpse of a new show on TLC and I’ll have to watch closer, but it looked like a trading-spaces type show where they make changes to house while the owners are gone!! LOL!


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I saw in the TV Guide this week the blurb about home project shows and they mentioned the new one where they change a homeowners' house without them knowing. I’ll definitely be tuning in for that! However, my favorite show is still "Ground Force" on BBC America. I worship Alan Titchsmarsh!

I love Trading Spaces! It is just the cutest show ... and I saw the commercial about the Makeover Story for Amy and Ty—I can’t wait! smile

ooh!! i haven’t watched makeover story in ages (i haven’t watched TV in ages, actually) but i HAVE to watch that makeover story. you can bet that i’ll be pushing to get out of work early that night!! smile

Nice to see another Trading Spaces fan - I didn’t hear about the Makeover Story, but I’ll be watching for it now. Thanks for mentioning it!

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