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coding freaks

We are just coding freaks at our house!

For the longest time on Sunday, we redid a bunch of E’s templates. And then made the decision to get him a domain for his site - drslice.com. The design for the domain is modified a bunch from a linkware set I made.

But the real fun was redoing his game databases so they weren’t just black bkgs with white text and table borders. To work on his MySQL and php skills, he’s created databases of his favorite games. My favorite is the Final Fantasy VII database, probably because I love those characters of that game. I love how the css came out for the tables in the database!

So anyhow, Eric is happy for the moment until he gets another idea and then needs something new and cool to go with it :giggle: And I do so love our projects smile


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You guys are way too cool. smile

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