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heat and allergies

It’s not just the heat that gets me. It’s the pressure from changing 20° in the course of 2 days. It was supposed to be 90° today, but my dashboard says its 93° right now.

I do have the A/C on, so it’s not terrible inside. But I can feel it in my head. I’m definitely more miserable when these massive changes happen. And all I want to eat is cold things. I need some fruits and veges! I think I’m gonna make E stop and get Subway, that way we don’t have to cook or even think of trying to find something fresh in the fridge... there just isn’t much there!

Oh, and plus I sat in the yard at Leonard and Sarah’s yesterday, and we could literally see waves of pollen blowing off the tree and onto us. Eeek, no wonder my head is a little screwy!

Tomorrow looks to be only in the 80’s. I can do that a little better smile


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