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I need a Ctrl+F in my house. If I could do that, I’d go ctrl+F: "nail file" and then my nail file would light up, maybe with a google-maps style popup bubble on top if it so I could find it!

I mean, I could go buy another one, but it was JUST here... laughing


+1 for ctrl+f at home! I’m always losing something in our sofas, so this would be great!

i have wanted ctrl+f for my house for sooo long. soon, i think it will be real. maybe, a bar code for everything you bring in, with a tiny gps, and then you could search and locate. maybe not for nail files, but i bet for cameras and cellphones and ipods.

ok, i got a little futuristic, what i meant to say was

"Yes, I totally agree!" tounge out

ha ha! If I had this, I fear the tweezer makers of the world would go out of business. Do you know how many pairs of tweezers I own? I don’t, because I can never find the things! tounge out: