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sitting at my desk

What a luxury!

I haven’t sat at my desk all week. (How do I know? there’s things in my chair that have been there since we got home from the airport last week at this time) Yes, I’ve wiggled my mouse a few times to see what the weather was (it’s been cold for WA this week, 30s at the end of the week), and slightly glanced at my email, but that’s about it.

We did go on a plane ride last weekend, a last minute trip to visit E’s grandma who we were happy to see and she actually recognized us, so that was good.

And then i’ve been working super hard at work every since, so I’m sitting in other places in the house with my laptop.

My body is still pretty worn out; two trips so far this year are a bit more than my cfids-body likes, but I’m doing mostly okay. Week before last, I was sleeping at LEAST 10 hours a night, so I must be doing a little better this week because it’s been less than that.

I’ve got piles and piles of feeds and email to go through. And mail all over the place waiting for me to read it.

My corner desk did have lighting over here but the purple lights (christmas lights, but purple) burnt out yesterday and so now I’m in the dark. That’s kinda sad, I need to make another trip to Target and see what they might have this time of the year to replace my lights ;) It’s sure more fun than getting a lamp, and there’s absolutely no room for a lamp unless I wanted a clip-on ugly one anyhow.

And that’s the story, for now at least smile


I had 2 boxes of those purple lights when I was in Colorado but never did anything with them so I gave them to someone from Freecycle. They were pretty though and I always thought they’d be fun to have up. Maybe you’ve inspired me to look for some next year. flower