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rose design

I got tired of my blog being all christmassy.

Actually, I’ll admit that my house is still christmassy in some places, with boxes of ornaments on the livingroom floor and burgundy ribbons on the stairs.

So I set out to just simplify it all down to grey and white, with a few hints of pink for color.

And then I had an idea for a background. I took a picture of a rose (which E gave me for my birthday the year I got my camera - and for those of you who are uber-observant, it was in the background of my black and red design when I first got kadyellebee.com!). And turned it into a brush and tweaked with it a bit until my stress went away (painting and photoshopping does that for me!)

Then I had to find a font for the top, and I couldn’t find one I had that was perfect, so I dug out a gift certificate from my LAST birthday from somebody special (wink at miss melissa ) and got this one. THIS is perfect, I can’t wait to find another project to use this font on actually!

Added a little more pinkness and some dotted lines, and tweaked things a bit for shadows in Safari.

And now I have a pretty girly look, fitting perfectly for valentine’s day, but actually, I find that my valentine’s designs tend to be appropriate year round because I heart hearts, and pink and red make me happy, so it’s good anyway you look at it.

It didn’t even take much work (which was good because I had NO time!), so I’m quite pleased smile


It’s very pretty! Nice work, Miss K!

Gasp! This is SO PRETTY. It’s girly without being gag inducing, which is perfect. flower

Hi Kristine: Your new theme is truly beautiful! Great job!

Beautiful, just like your sweet self. wink