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Busy August

I’m kinda glad it’s September. August was such a busy month.

First off in the month, we had E’s parents and brother come and visit, which usually means for a bit of stress getting things ready. They were here for a long weekend, and then Craig went home, E’s dad went on a geology tour of the NW (Montana, Idaho, Oregon, an Washington) while E’s mom went to Minnesota to visit (and shop with) a friend for a week (smart lady, not to go on geology tour tongue out)

kristine and eric’s self portrait at the beach The next weekend was a very exciting event for Eric and me: Our 5 year anniversary of being married (August 13)! To celebrate, we went to the beach for a long weekend. The same beach and hotel we were at for most of our honeymoon! We had a great time, playing, eating (chinese, italian, pizza, and then french toast every morning for me!) relaxing, shopping (even though the outlet mall didn’t have Pfaltzgraff anymore), driving with great music (yay for ipods!), and just hanging out. Went back to Tillamook to visit the cheese factory because that was so much fun on our last trip. We bought kites and flew them in the really really windy weather! On the way home, we hit some stores and a new outdoor mall that we didn’t know about which had Macaroni Grill (oh my goodness, their blackberry mint ice tea was amazing!) and (whee!) The Container Store!

After leisurely coming home from that trip, E’s parents arrived again at the end of the next week for a really quick stop to get their car, which was here (I only saw his mom for 10 minutes because she flew in so late and then left so early) but we did get to take E’s dad to dinner that night, so it was nice.

Finally, the last weekend of the month was E’s 10 year high school reunion. I thought it was important for him to go because his friends are so amazing, and they are all still great friends after all these years. (4 of them were either in our wedding or participated greatly). And then Robert and Sarah, who we flew down for their wedding in May were there too - and they are both class members. I knew a few other people from his class just from going to Walla Walla, where some of them went as well, so I knew I’d enjoy this too. I had a GREAT time because 2 of the guys in his class who we are good friends with brought their wives - Meg and Emilia - and we get along great, it was SUCH a fun evening. We didn’t get great pics this trip, and not even any of the two of us. How silly are we?! The trip was short, but it was good. Our flight was delayed, so I’m annoyed on Ontario Airport for the number of times I’ve had to wait there, but at least there’s an Applebee’s in the airport, we went and hung out there for a while.

And now we are in September, and the whirlwind can slow down at least. Between all of those events and piles and piles of piles of work in between, it was definitely a busy month. Hmmm, maybe I should unpack one of these days? I have 2 suitcases at the foot of my bed now, between the trips this month, and one from my last trip to SF!