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family weekend

My in-laws arrived on Friday night for a visit. They are on their way other places after this, but wanted to spend some time with us this summer.

This arrival followed a long week of migraines and rebound headaches for me, along with plenty of normal work to do. So needless to say, I’ve been tired.

Yesterday, we intended on hosting a big family dinner, for all of my family (except Dad, who was on his way to Michigan for a week) and all of E’s family (after Craig arrived flying in from Kansas). So we figured out the plans, and got it all worked out, even got a few extra chairs so we’d have room for everybody and went shopping and so on.

Mid-morning, Megan stops by with the card table and chairs she had borrowed,because we needed that. But she had a bachlorette party to attend, so couldn’t come back. I was sad because it had been a long time since I’d seen her; she’d been traveling for almost a week in conjunction with Mary Kay seminar where she was honored for being on the Queens Court of Recruiting (she even got to drive a pink caddy back and forth!)

Not long after she left, Mom called and said that Lisa and Jon decided to go visit some friends in Salem *again* this weekend (they’ve gone like 3 times this summer so far). And they invited Matthew along and mom said yes. Bah.

So the party was down by 4 people. I felt so bad because I’d made such a special point to invite everyone early and why couldn’t they think that maybe this was important to me? I know, that’s so selfish, but I really wanted to make this special.

However, we had a great time. More food than we needed, but that was okay. Leah was joyful and happy, and played with us all nicely. A lot of people worked on a puzzle, and our backyard swing and new chairs and flowers were really nice to sit by too. Sarah and me talked and stuff for a while. Mom even seemed to have a nice time.

The funniest thing was when Leah pointed at the tv and said "tv" which sounds more like TP, but that’s okay. And so I asked her if she wanted to watch and we turned it on, but there wasn’t anything on. And she got kinda frustrated, and so I tried to figure out what she wanted and she said "Big Nana". Ohhhh, she remember last weekend when Sarah and me played Mario Kart and we kept saying "Wow, that was a big banana". She wanted us to play again laughing ha ha! Everybody got in on the fun for a while, it was great smile

So by the time everybody left, I was pooped! I sat in bed and worked for a bit and then fell sound asleep until E woke me up at 8:20, which is WAY later than I ever wake up even on the weekend.

I sat here and looked at my computer for a bit, still just tireder than I should be! And went downstair for breakfast and decided it was a good use of the extra loaf of french bread to make french toast! So that took a bit more energy, but it sure was good.

E’s mom is now on her way up to Seattle area to visit her brother. And the boys (E, Craig, and their dad) are out siteseeing at Beacon Rock, Bonneville Dam, Bridge of the Gods, Cascade Locks’s East Wind drive-in (the *best* blueberry malts and strawberry milkshakes and delicious hamburgers and curly fries too!) and Multnomah Falls. Why didn’t I go, you ask? I’m just pooped! I sure wish I could have, because I love those places.

One of these days, I’m gonna be so healthy that a week of headaches won’t happen or won’t be enough to wear me out so bad. I know I’m doing quite better, but not well enough for all the fun things I’d like to do. I *am* doing my best though. smile And on that note, I’m gonna take a nice long nap smile


A week of headaches sounds awful. You do sound like you’re doing worlds better though. *hugs* That’s the important thing.