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stuff and things

Stuff and things is my generic answer when someone asks what I’m doing. So what’s been happening lately? Stuff and things...

It’s been busy. This was a bad week for me healthwise, with a migraine on Monday night and rebound headaches every day since. So it slowed me down a touch for anything but work. Because work has been busy, too! My family’s been busy, too, so much so that I didn’t even talk to anybody this week.

After too many weeks of not having groceries and just getting the bare essentials, we finally went grocery shopping mid-week. What selection! I stopped at the Cingular store next door to see if they had the phone I really am lusting after; after Colleen got it, I’m even more enthused. Unfortunately, it’s not available in the Portland/Vancouver market yet. So I’m looking at some other options to get it, like Amazon or letstalk.com, and still see if I can get the best deal possible. We’ll see.

The only other thing I did this week was watch new TV. I heart the new TV seasons. This is obvious. wink I’ve gotten to see all of the new shows I was looking forward to, and almost all of the season premieres (waiting for tomorrow still for Charmed and Gray’s Anatomy).

So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve seen. How I Met Your Mother was the new one this week, and that was pretty good! I’m excited for next week, because I’d forgotten that sitcoms don’t have previews. Prison Break is still very good, and Bones is okay (wasn’t a lot more impressed with this week than last, but it was still good - I ended up working while watching it). Las Vegas had an interesting start back up, but again, I didn’t pay complete attention. Numb3rs looks like a great thing to watch while BSG is offseason, I enjoyed it. Lost was PHENOMENAL, I can’t wait for next week. Nip/Tuck is taped but not watched yet. And then the endings of all of my Friday night SciFi shows were amazing and I am quite anxious for January, especially with Battlestar Galactica. And I can’t help it, but Firefly is way high up there as one of my favorite moments of the week, despite it being a cancelled show.

The end of this week, I’ve been a bit more worried about Christine and Kymberlie so now I’m just waiting to see how all of that rides out with Rita in Houston.

I really need to go through my feed reader and del.icio.us all of the cool things I’ve been keeping marked as unread. laughing I also have pictures and books that need to be put together. I’ve even found some new blog reads that I keep meaning to add to my blogroll.

But tonight, I get to see my family (and play with Leah) for a bit. That’ll be a nice thing to do, and get out of the house. Fun stuff and things, as always!