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my ring is back where it belongs

One of the most exciting things in the last few weeks has been getting my ring back after not being able to wear it for quite some time. It was so hard for me to admit that it had to come off before, but I’m finally back down in weight by quite a bit, and so we decided to get it resized some for me. It was teeny tiny in the first place anyhow, so now its a more normal size that will work for me even if I loose a bit more.

I feel *right* wearing it. I played with the invisible circle on my hand during the last few years where it should be. so now it’s back where it belongs. And I’m quite vain, looking at it often. laughing

It’s such an obvious and pretty reminder of how much I love Eric, anyhow. Because I do. prheart I didn’t have to have a ring to know that, but it feels quite nice to show it!!!


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Yay for it fitting again. It’s funny how much we identify with pieces of metal and stones sometimes. smile

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