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smart baby

Leah’s got the idea of thumbnail images down. She comes over and sees me on my computer, and points at the screen. She knows that there’s a baby picture on my screen somewhere. So I pull up an album.

We go to one of the pages to see. Awww, who’s that cute baby?
family: grin She grins, really big when I say that anyhow.

And she points at one of the thumbnails on the side, wanting me to click. did you want to see the one with the hat? Yeaaah. (her new favorite word*). I click it, and then she points to another.

hee hee, she’s so smart.

* actually her NEW favorite words are honey and today is happy.
And she has been saying something that sounds like Aunt Kristine (ah-kah, maybe?) for a month or so now. I’m so proud. smile

Just saw that this page was still open on my computer and it reminded me of this story. smile


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Awww! Child. Too. Cute. ...must look away....


... I just (as you probably know) submitted a comment without signing into Typepad first. Upon doing so I saw the notice that said you had enabled a feature to hold comments the first time someone posts. Have you found a way to automatically approve commenters, not signed into Typepad, that have been approved previously? If so... will you please share?!?

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