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sad ring

After a few months of dealing with a sore finger from the points of my ring and the weight I’d gained, I finally tried a bit more today to get my wedding set off. I didn’t want to, really, but I was afraid that it was going to have to be cut off if I couldn’t get it off. After a lot of cold water and a bunch of soap and tugging, tugging... off it came.

There’s quite a sunken in section on my finger where it was, and little scarred looking dots where the diamonds were cutting into my skin.

So I feel lost without it on. I almost chickened out and put it back on. To be so attached to it for so long and then have to take it off sad I know, I’m a dork - I had to stop the pain from it before it hurt me, but waaaaah!


Go get it rezized! They’ll do it while you wait and since they’re not adding material to it it costs almost nothing. No reason to be without it!

Um, that’s "resized" obviously. For some reason the comments (as I write them) are coming up in microscopic type.

yes, i second Dara’s suggestion. A few years ago I had one of my rings resized in the mall. It took less than 5 minutes and made me oh so happy. i hope you can find something like that too so that you can have your wedding ring back with no ouchies!

I know how you feel tho. But mine is a half to full size too big.

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