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Redesign of Six Apart sites!

Six Apart has redesigned. I like this look, and I like how everything in integrated together in one place. It’s a really nice way to show how our company has grown from one product, to a company, to a whole line of tools! (see also: Six Apart’s History).

I always love hearing Mena’s perspective on the process. Byrne and Jay chime in from the TypePad and Movable Type sides of things. And the newest member of the Six Apart family, Live Journal, has it’s own space on the site too. There’s more great info all the way around the site.

You might also enjoy noting the new Support page. I feel famous. smile The banner shows off Brenna, Shelley, and I - the 3 original forum moderators who are now the first support team members (Brenna is the Team leader, Shelley is Movable Type Team Leader, and I’m on the TypePad team)! If you’d like to go back in time and read more about us three, Mena’s Corner has a really nice post. Our team is more than double this size now, and it’s so exciting to work with all of these guys!

The Professional Network is looking nice too! In addition to the great info it always has - I love Anil’s posts on the ProNet weblog! - it’s showcasing the Plugin Directory as part of the site there. (The Plugin directory was something I started doing for my own enjoyment, and now it has completely moved to the Six Apart site. It’s sad to not be involved in it, but I’m working on other projects that I’m enjoying a great deal!) Are you a ProNet member yet?

Another cool thing to note - the images of people all over the site are employees - it’s fun to be able to "see" my co-workers since I don’t get to *see* them very often! smile

I like seeing comparisons, because once you see the new design, it’s hard to remember how it looked before!!

 Movable TypeTypePadSix Apart

click for larger copies

See how great that looks?!

I decided that this spotlight is better late than never - I was kinda waiting for a few of the kinks to fix themselves before I started talking about it, so now I feel a bit behind in the news. Even Melissa is getting fired over it talking about it. wink

So if you haven’t seen it yet, go see!


The redesign is fantastic. You guys are lucky to work at such a great place. luvya