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strange baseball dream

Sometimes, I wonder why on earth a dream happens. I should go find my little dream encyclopedia and see, but this on was probably too weird for that. ;)

I go to a baseball game with mom and a few of my siblings. We sit way high up in the stadium, but I don’t care about the game, I barely watch one play. They have free internet in the stadium, so I sit there working (and chatting w/Brenna about what I was doing), until its so dark (no lights in the top area?) that I can barely see my fingers on the keys.

It finally gets so dark that I decide to walk outside for a little bit. I wasn’t watching the game anyhow. Matthew and Lisa had run off somewhere, so I leave Mom and Leonard in the game, and they barely notice I’m leaving.

My internet doesn’t work outside, but I walk down a hill to find these nice cooshy chairs by the stadium, in a well-lit area, and I sit down to work on non-internet-requiring work. Ahhh, no more distracting baseball game. I’m working, and these 4 girls come up to me. They seemed nice so I started saying hi to them, asking if they were watching the game too. They had bright pink lipstick that matched their shirts - 2 of them had the same bright pink shirts, and the others had polka dots that were pink and teal.

They complimented me on my cool computer, and I started to get nervous. There *are* four of them, and I can’t outrun anyone. I started to close my laptop, but kept my finger in the edge, like you would a book when you aren’t ready to be done with it and you have to pause from reading.

Please don’t take my computer, I said, and a lady with a stroller walks by. I said, excuse me ma'am, and she kept walking. The "ringleader" of this 4-some smiles with some foreign words, as she pulls out this syringe of something. As she sticks it in me and grabs the computer, I wake up.


How strange. laughing


Holy cow! I just saw part of your title "Strange Dreams", so I went to comment. While I clicked on Comment, I was reading more, when I saw what you really dreamed about... !!

My dream, that I was going to comment about, was about Babe Ruth!! I don’t even know why! I don’t watch baseball. I don’t like baseball. I don’t know anything about the man, except he hit a bunch of homeruns at some point. laughing

Yay for dreaming in parallel. wink

Maybe next time mine will at least have internet in it! tounge out:

On the upside... I had no freaky pink girls or syringes. Just a large guy with a bat who likes to hit baseballs out of the stadium.

Weird stuff.

I think it’s time to step away from the keyboard. Move awaaaay from the keyboard. *giggle* wink