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family on the weekend

The last two weekends, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with my whole family. That’s not completely out of the ordinary, because we’ve had family dinners every weekend for over a year. That usually means my Mom and Dad, Eric and I, Leonard, Sarah, and Leah, Megan, Lisa, and Matthew.

But these last few weeks were special. Matthew came home from rehab. He was in a special treatment center in Seattle, and just made it through the process to be home again.

Lisa has been living with a friend, and then more recently, in her car. She’s got a warrant out for her because of several outstanding issues. So its unusual that she wants to hang out with our family because of all of the things that have conspired.

But the last two weekend, with Matthew home, and Lisa deciding to stop by, it’s been nice to have the whole family together.

Of course, with Leah growing so fast, it’s so entertaining to together anyhow. I tend to see Sarah and usually Leah at some point throughout the week, as I can’t wait a whole week between seeing her. ;) She’s been saying "Kitty Kitty" for a wihle, but now she’s learned "Tessa", my parents cat’s name. She stands by the door and watches for her to come in. Tessa doesn’t really like the dogs so much so she hangs out outside.

Mom and Dad are still looking for a house - they made an offer, and the bank ended up screwing around for a few extra weeks and then someone internally bought the house. Or something like that, it didn’t seem too cool.

In the meantime, my mom’s car was stolen from the parking lot in their apartment. So she’s looking for a car. (She’s actually buying the one that I adore after asking if we wanted to buy it, so she could buy ours. Then called back about 4 hours later and said, never mind, I’m buying it myself. bah!)

Megan’s got a brand new car herself, a 2005 Acura.. It’s a Career Car from Mary Kay, although she took the cash compensation rather than taking the Pontiac Vibe that she was eligible for. Its pretty darn exciting, for a self-proclaimed "poor college student."

Leonard and Sarah are doing good, overall. They are fixing up their side of the Duplex now - they own a duplex, and already lived in one side and fixed it up, and then when the people in the other side moved out, they moved over there and rented out the nice side.

So that’s the news. Now I have a nice record of where my family is at right now.


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Yay for time spent with family. *hugs*

Good for Megan—that’s really awesome!!

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