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mall trip

We went to the mall today. E had gotten a set of Miracle Blades for Christmas from my sister, but we wanted the block to put it in, so we had to go to the As Seen on TV store. I’m actually pretty scared to touch these knives after how many times Sarah and Leonard have hurt themselves on them, but laughing they are nice!

And then we wanted a switcher so that the PS2 and Game Cube could both be plugged in and not have to switch cables. Found it! check

The mall is still pretty overwhelming to me. That’s one of those side-affects that came on because of the CFIDS. So many people and so much surrounding noise and a lot of decisions to make all at once... it makes my head hurt, and rude teenagers on top of that isn’t so nice. So I try to not do too many mall trips, 'specially on a weekend. Sometimes they are unavoidable, so I try to remember to breathe.

While we were there, I went bra shopping. It was the Semi-annual sale, and I couldn’t pass that up I guess, because I needed some new ones so badly. Lucky for me, 3 of them that I got were in the clearance bins smile woo!

Then as a final treat, we got dippin' dots, which was a new thing I hadn’t seen in our malls before. How interesting!


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I’m the same way about malls, which is why I usually go to them during regular work hours when they aren’t as crowded. Rudeness in general sets me off, and combining that with too many people and too much noise just gives me a headache and makes me anxious. I’m glad you were able to get some new things though. I love getting new bras.

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