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bad tooth!

This week, I’ve been preoccupied by my mouth. Ha ha, that sounds bad tounge out

But true. I had a tooth that’s been bad for a while and I finally cracked it so bad that it had to be pulled.

So practically every moment that I wasn’t working this week, I was either resting to try and calm the pain, or seeing the dentist for a first visit, or taking drugs, or trying to stay calm because I was on my way to see him. It was a frustrating week, culminating in a very painful extraction on Friday evening.

My dentist is so nice, but it was horrible. He said that if every tooth that he pulled was this awful to get out, he’d quit being a dentist - this was his worst ever tooth he said. I lost track of how many shots of novacaine he gave me after 5.

So needless to say, I’ve been a bit doped up. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to expand how long it is between pills, because that means it is healing and not hurting to terrifically. My face is still pretty swollen, and I’ll be eating soft foods for a while (popsicles, tapioca, Fried Chicken soup that my sis made here yesterday)

Ouchy! Please, go brush your teeth now. for me. you don’t wanna do this, I promise. laughing


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Yowch! I hope it feels better soon!

Ouch sad Feel better soon! flower

Ouch! You poor thingsad I hope it feels better soon.

Eeep! Hope you feel better soon!

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