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New Design!

Finally! I’ve had this banner and basic idea done for about 3 months. Then I finally spent a lot of time finishing it over Christmas when I worked less hours that last week of the year. But then I kept finding more things to tweak and this is my first weekend that I’ve had a big chunk of time to do that. Woo!

Here’s the idea. I have too little time, and too many places that I’m using to update. So I wanted to pull it all together. Which was okay for kadyellebee and kdlb-links, because I use use a plugin to put them together before anyhow. But my kdlb-pad posts from my phone at TypePad weren’t gonna work that way. So I had to be more creative and find a script that can integrate RSS feeds into a page. I had to tweak with it a lot, but it finally works.

kadyellebee and kdlb-links both share the same design. I still love collectics' design too much to change it. You can get a listing of just the posts from whichever blog I’ve posted to by clicking the box next to each post. collectics is also integrated here because I’ve been keeping track of my media habits more lately. I updated the sidebar over there the other night to have my more recent tv shows I’m watching, and added a new "toys" category for the bigger things I’ve been adding to my collections lately.

Do you like the boxes on top? I really loved how they looked, with the cool letters and colors. The main font for KDLB is Stylechild (tweaked a lot with photoshop though!), and then there’s Trebuchet without anti-aliasing and my favorite pixel font, SF Intermosaic. These are my fav colors of course, with whites and grays and a nice touch of purple, blue, pink, and green. ahhhh!

I updated the about page, and probably have a few more things to add. I need to update the search page and probably a few other places. The contact location doesn’t go anywhere yet because I’m still debating how I want to handle mail. Maybe a guestbook blog with comments turned on but not showing because I’m tired of spammers hitting my mail forms.

Because of how little time I have these days, I’ve basically turned off the skins - I would have needed to tweak all of them to use these new class names because I did so many changes. Now, don’t cry, I might bring them back. If you wanna leave me a comment to let me know which ones you like a whole lot, they would be the first ones I’d work on. smile

Things look mostly the same in Firefox and IE. I checked Opera and its okay too. I don’t know about Macs, I should check that link miss m'lissa gave me the other day.

What do you think? smile

edited to add
I also need to make a feed that has all 4 of these weblogs on it, which won’t be hard now that I know how to use Magpie; that’s what it was meant for more than what I used it for.

Oh, and if I start using my kdlb LiveJournal for anything, I’ll probably integrate that in too.


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I *love* it! smile

I love it! smile

Very funky! I like it a lot! smile

Wow very nice indeed, you design genius always amazes me smile

This looks awesome! I love the squares, I’ve done things with squares but you’ve used them in a way I never could. smile It looks amazing over here.

so lovely! i love the colors and the prettiness of the whole thing

looks so awesome! i love it. and we are suffering through a crazy blizzard here so it is fun to look at colors that aren’t white. smile

I love it! It looks simply FABULOUS!!!

It’s just beautiful - hooray for you for making time to finish it! smile

This look is really pretty. I like how clean it is without being boring at all.

Awesome! Somebody aught to pay you for this kind of work. wink

It looks fantastic!

hey, smile

saw your skins, mind if you share the codes for one or 2 of them? (the skins you used in the past)

I love it! Way to go!! smile

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