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collectics redesign

When I heard about Zuly’s Reading Room, I knew I wanted to participate. So I’ve create a PILE of books on the floor next to my desk of what I’ve read in the last two weeks. But I wasn’t happy with how collectics was working when it pinged, so I needed to do some fixes before I could write reviews.

Zuly’s Reading Room

You know me, I can’t leave well enough alone! I made a cute new design for it while redoing entries. I’m *much* happier now. I have the 5 most recent books, movies, and CDs instead of just the latest. And there are no more evil tables. And plus, its girly-ier with the pink and orange and the cute little icon girl on the top.

Collectics: Eclectic Collections

book I wrote a review of the first book of the series I read last week, and there’s 3 more to that series sitting here, along with a CSS book (yes, I read every word, so it counts!), and 2 other books in between all that. Hopefully, I’ll get caught up tomorrow, and then I can start actually *reading* instead of sitting here looking at the pile wink


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starsungem It looks fabulous!

starsungem It looks fabulous!

I love that little girl - way to go! The site is lovely. heart

oh it is too cute! i love the little curley headed girl!

You’re a very busy girl!! Love the button!!

Someday I’m going to follow your lead and get my media blog set up like Collectics is. Someday... someday... (I seem to be saying that a lot lately!)

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