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a trip!

I’m going on a trip for work for a few days. I’m excited about it, because its been a lot of months since I’ve been last, and there are so many new co-workers that I haven’t gotten to meet yet!

I’m bringing my camera, but on my last plane trip, I didn’t even take any pics. My cellphone’s camera is crappy, but its so easy to just moblog them in and have them show up instantly. Whee!

And also, our Airport is cool - the wifi in the gates works splendidly, and I’m sitting here working while I wait to go! I feel so geeky. :giggle:

So I come back home on Saturday, and within hours of my trip back, my in-laws are flying in for the weekend. Eric’s birthday is Friday, so I won’t be there to celebrate with him, but we are having a party on Saturday night. My house is mostly beautiful in honor of that event, and I’ll run home and cook and clean any last minute things on Sat. And besides all that, I have been doing Christmas shopping - its a crazy-busy time!

For those of you who have been watching for family updates, here’s the scoop...

Matthew is in a rehab center in Seattle. They rushed him in despite the normal waiting period after the last happenings, so keep him in your prayers.

Lisa left home and is living (we think) in her car. Leonard says she lost even more weight, which isn’t good.

Megan is in the midst of finals, but was rear-ended last week, and so she’s in a great deal of pain and on valium, so they let her push her bigger final off until tomorrow.

Leonard and Sarah are doing good. We went to a Christmas pagent at their church on Sunday with them, and it was so cute! Sarah’s doing amazing with her business stuff, and Leonard is working hard.

Leah is growing so fast! We have got her walking acrossed the living room now - if you stand her up and hold her arms, she tries to push your arms away so she can do it herself. On Monday, she did at least 10 steps from Sarah to me. smile Its so neato to watch, I am amazed at her. She loves kitties, and goes around saying "kitty kitty?" with her hand turned up and shoulders scrunched like "where is it? I don’t know!" smile So when she was at my house the other night and I had to stop her from being sad her momma wasn’t there, we pulled out my stash of beanie babies cats. smile

And as it should be, ending on a happy note with happy stories of Leah smile


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hello smile your site is just lovely. just wanted to comment and say i’m a fellow pdx'er myself. i found your site searching for vancouver mall through google! happy holidays!

While I’m sad to hear about Matthew, Lisa and Megan, it always makes me happy to hear good stories about Leah! You will all be in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season!

I’m sorry to hear about Matthew, Lisa and Megan. heart At least your family has Leah, I’m sure she’s puts joy back in their lives... kids always do. tounge out: Can’t wait to see more of your pictures though, I love hearing about your experiences with 6A because of how much you’ve done for MT.

Merry Christmas in advance Kristine - I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you and your family smile

KRISTINE! I have been wondering how you are doing - I haven’t heard much from you this month at all! I have been thinking of you often and hoping you are doing well, but I’ve been so busy that I didn’t sit down and write an e-mail to you yet. I miss you! Have a great holiday! heart

Just dropped by before I go out of town for the weekend to say Merry Christmas!

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