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adventures adventures!

I’m going to be on an adventure this week!

I may give more clues as things progress. smile


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Ooh intrigue! I hope it’s fun! Thanks for the new stylesheet. Have a good week! wink

Can we play a guessing game? heart

I’m looking forward to seeing some clues. heartsmile

Let me guess, you’re going on the cruise: "Adventure of the Seas"? If it is, you will enjoy every minute of it. Guaranteed! And no, I dont work there. I went there last october, and it soooo ROCKED!

Have fun! Make sure you take it easy... smile


I don’t know why, but you touring Six Apart’s offices came to mind. tounge out:

I’m so guessing going to SixApart to see Mena and Ben.

I don’t think it would be the cruise because she wouldn’t be updating from the ship...would she?

I did check out that cruise, though...sounds way cool!

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