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tv shows and commercials and music

Here’s one of those weirdo trips through Kristine’s head, prompted by a Commercial!

There’s a new-ish Herbal Essences [flash] commercial, with a girl singing a pop song in it. Not the typical Herbal Essences song, but a cool song. And I like her voice so much that I had to look her up.

I found out that her name is Jadyn Maria, and she’s on a Christian music label (Sparrow), which I recognize, because Steven Curtis Chapman is on the same label and I get email updates about SCC from a sparrow email address.

So now I know to be listening for her, because she’s got a great voice, and I love the clips I heard from her website so far from the yet-to-be-released Christian album. She may go mainstream pop instead of finishing the Christian album, it sounds. I think I’d like either!

So once I found that, I saw her name mentioned in an article that intrigued me... USATODAY.com - TV product placement moves out of background

another example ... of just how quickly product placement in TV shows has moved brands from appearing as mere props to becoming stars of the story lines.

Jadyn Maria, in a new Herbal Essence ad, guest stars on What I Like About You as a competitor with the show’s characters for the ad roles.

This episode was from back in October, and I haven’t seen the show, but its one of those that I wish I was watching.

Anyhow, I like when ad campaigns do tie-ins like this, and so it was an interesting read, and something I’ll be watching for more of.



i dip into your site sometimes. i like all the playing around you do with site design.

today i went to look at collectics & lovesongs but find they are both broken in firefox. sad. i had been hoping to see MTamazon in action there ...


I saw that specific episode and it was horrible. I hate tie-ins like that - the whole entire episode was a boring Herbal Essences commercial. Of course I hate HE and their commercials.