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my tivo passes

I never realized how perfect a TiVo was for me until I got it. I mean, I had heard people say how wonderful it was and how it revolutionized their TV watching, but it took some playing until I found that out for myself.

Now I’m totally hooked. I almost never watching things on Live TV anymore. I wait until after a show has been going for at least 10 minutes before starting it, and that way, I can ffwd any really obnoxious commercials if I’m paying enough attention to be annoyed. laughing
So, to start my posts about TiVo, I thought I’d post my current season pass listing. I know I’ll talk more about some of my settings in the near future. smile
  1. General Hospital
  2. As the World Turns
  3. All My Children
  4. Joan of Arcadia
  5. Nip/Tuck
  6. Las Vegas
  7. Charmed on WB
  8. Tru Calling
  9. Angel on TNT
  10. Roswell
  11. Good Eats
  12. What Not to Wear
  13. South Park (E)
  14. The Daily Show (E)
  15. Aqua Teen Hungerforce (E)
  16. Sealab 2021 (E)
  17. Cowboy Bebop (E)
  18. Stargate SG1 (weekend syndication)
  19. Stargate SG1 (SciFi)
  20. Sliders
  21. Buffy
  22. Charmed on TNT
Note that the (E) ones are Eric’s shows. I’m not so keen on them myself.


I’ve always liked the idea of having Tivo, I hope to hear more about your experiences with it. blush Good lineup so far though, that would the key to keeping up with shows I like but can’t watch.

I love my Tivo! I couldn’t imagine being without it. I find it’s hard to convince people of the wonder that is Tivo unless they experience it for themselves. It’s a shame.

I have a Tivo and Replay. I couldn’t live without either. It’s hard for me to miss a show now. I only hit myself on the head when I forget to set some of the newer shows I want to watch.