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cotton candy

Did you know that Cotton candy was once called Fairy floss? According to Unwrapped, there is now a version of cotton candy in bags that can be bought year round with the brand name of Fluffy Stuff - I want some!!! smile

I always feel so informed when I watch this show, and TiVo suggested that we’d want to see several episode from yesterday!


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I love Unwrapped! It combines two of my greatest passions, food and useless trivia. laughing

It’s still called fairy floss in Australia, actually. smile

In Britain it’s called Candy Floss. I think it sounds so cute heart

Yep, it’s always been candy floss to me! lollypop

That’s so cool, you guys! So now I don’t just want Cotton Candy, I want some Fairy Floss and Candy Floss too! lollypop

(No idea if this comment is going to work...I can’t seem to get signed into TypeKey!)

It’s been called fairy floss in Britain and related countries for a long time. That’s why it was originally called that here, too.

I love Unwrapped!

Just like cotton candy, a sweetheart’s love can be so sweet.

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