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refrigerator buying

Any tips for us when buying a refrigerator? Its a purchase we’ve never had to make, with them always being included with our apartments in the past.

I would *love love love* to have a silver one, but I’m not sure if that’s practical. They seem to be considerably more expensive than the traditional white ones, but oh-so-sleek and how I’d ideally like my whole kitchen to look some day.

E would like a ice maker in the door of the freezer, so I guess that means we are looking at side-by-side models. I’ve only used a side-by-side a few times at my parents house, always had a top freezer model.

So have you bought one lately? Or just have options that you know to steer clear of? Thanks in advance smile


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I came across this site by accident, but I had to put in my two cents. My novia likes stainless steel in the kitchen too, but it reminds me of a surgeon’s table or the butcher shop. It has a very ....cold, sterile look about it. I suppose that attracts some people though or they wouldn’t cost more money.

Congrats on the new place... we purchased a Whirlpool fridge and love it.... has glass shelves and they can be moved around... you can get them eith the ice cube maker in the freezer... but i havent had any problem with it..good luck!!! smile

Kristine, we bought a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. We LOVE it! We got ours from Sears [Kenmore], and I would highly suggest there. Especially if you have a Sears MasterCard. And try to buy it when they have a HUGE sale!!! We got ours over Memorial Day last year.

We have a side-by-side with ice and water in the door, and we love it! The water is filtered and we can set the ice to crushed or cubed. We got it a couple of years ago when our top/bottom refrigerator died, and we really like it. I thought it would be weird to have a side-by-side, but I’m totally used to it now.

I just saw a commercial the other day for a refrigerator that had ice/water on the left...and a TV on the right! :A: and I decided that’s what we want next time we have loads of money to burn. laughing

allright darlin, i am going to email you the consumer reports schpiel on fridges. sit tight! smile

I was at Best Buy the other day and they had a model with a TV in the door!

You probably don’t want one of those though.

I really like the bottom freezer units. Don’t have one, but I was checking them out at Sears a while ago. Pretty cool. No more worries hunks of rock hard frozen meat falling on your feet!

Don’t forget to compare the EnergyGuide labels on the models you’re considering. No point in saving amoney on an inexpensive or on-sale fridge only to have it suck away all the savings via the power bill.

Units with water/ice dispensers should have an easily changeable filter that doesn’t require you to disassemble the fridge.

My biggest suggestion for buying a fridge with icemaking abilities is to make sure it’s near the sink, otherwise, you won’t be able to hook it up and get ice. A few years ago, my mother bought a place with one of those refrigerators, except it wasn’t anywhere near the sink so it never offered ice or water. Little point in getting that nifty feature if one can’t use it!

We just bought a Whirlpool for our new house and absolutely love it. Plus it is a Whirlpool which is top rated on Consumer Reports. Not that they did a review on our side-by-side unit but Whirlpool in general has a great repair history.

We got the clear ice bin thing in the door ( it rocks and you can get ice out for coolers so easy) and we got the quick cooler for the soda cans in the door of the fridge. We bought it at Sears so we got the no interest no payments for like one year. Gives you plenty of time to pay it off.

In case anyone doesn’t know, Whirlpool makes the refrigerators for Kenmore, so save the money and buy a Whirlpool, it’s the same darn thing.


My only advice is to buy absolutely the best one you can afford. This is a purchase you will have at least 15 years and in that time if you go cheap you will regret it because who buys another fridge when the old one is perfectly fine? Buy the best you can even if you skimp on something else. Wish I had.

Our new house came with a GE stainless steel side-by-side with ice maker (cubes and crushed) and water in the door. It was hard to get used to a side by side (our old house had a Whirlpool fridge with the freezer on the bottom—I *loved* it!). Words of advice: stainless steel is beautiful, but requires lots of cleaning because water dribbles and fingerprints show up easily; whenever we use the crushed ice feature, the ice maker jams. Otherwise, I’m really happy with it!

hello hello - came across your site by chance, just want to give my input smile

stainless is sexy, but the scratches are not. sad

we were looking for a fridge recently, and found a few side by sides that were actually very well designed - my favorite was the one with the 'zig zag' doors - so the freezer side has a few shelves that hold more than a frozen bag of peas. smile We ended up getting a shiny black fridge from sears for600 bucks, but after a mere 13 months we’re shopping again. definitely spend as much as you can on your fridge, it’s worth it. =/

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