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happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July!

We still are hearing fireworks here at 11:30, after doing our own display at Mom and Dad’s and then standing on top of the hill to watch other peoples. star

We had quite the american family meal - hot dogs, hambugers, potato salad, 5 cup salad, baked beans, and boston cream pie (although it seems like it should be boston cream cake!)

And it was a great day because our whole family was there. Matthew is out of juvie and Lisa and Lewis (her now-boyfriend who just left his wife for Lisa) were there... plus our regular fun group of Megan and Sarah and Leonard and Leah and me and E.

We laid in the lawn, I even brought my laptop out for a while and worked on some email replies for work. It was fun to alternate typing with Leah giving me grass and toys ("thank you for sharing, Leah" "oh, you want it back? here ya go.") laughing I watched the kids play PUSH, a card game. Leah is crawling so good these days, a regularly little speedy gonzolas.

So yeah, it was a good day, and a nice holiday. smile


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