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fashion and sorting

Why do clothes have to go out of style? I hate throwing perfectly beautiful things away just because they are 10 years old. laughing Yes, my sister came and told me a few more things that she wouldn’t let me wear again. She’s kinda my fashion consultant, because she pays way more attention to what people wear than I do.

Things in the pile to give away?
  • My graduation dress from high school, 94
  • My graduation dress from college, 98
  • A sweatshirt of an ex-boyfriend, summer of 96
  • A navy sweater from my grandma Locatis, who died in 94
  • A black suit jacket dad bought me in high school, 92

Things I saved even though Megan said they needed to go
  • Tall beautiful crushed velvet black shoes that I wore in NYC, 99
  • A green sweater set with darker green flowers "growing" up it, around 99
  • A black skirt and matching top with teeny light pink flowers on it; size 6, 93 (figured I might make something for my little girl with its fabric!)
  • High school sweatshirt with my name on the back, 94

What clothes are you saving that has sentimental value even though its way past its time?


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I flatly refuse to part with my college cheerleading sweatshirt.

They say everything comes back into fashion at some point...look at capri pants. Of course, you may have to hold on to them for thirty years!

Why worry whether or not it’s the fashion or not. If it’s something you like, still wear and feel comfy in do throw it. Of course if it’s something which is barely holding together, then I would probably get rid of it, but anything else I’d keep.

Yeah, Sara, I did do that, keeping the things I really like wearing. These are things that there is no possible way I’ll fit into again. I was really skinny (almost anorexic) in high school-early college, so I know 6-8s are unrealistic goals! ha ha!

I turn items with which I just can’t part into throw pillows (namely t-shirts and sweatshirts). So, among other things, we have a big sorority letters pillow on our bed. blush My wardrobe gets to age with me, but I still get what I want.

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