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Our House

I have pictures and narration up for our new house. Still pre-move-in, but they are cool, and I’m getting so excited!
We’ve packed for two good afternoons now, and I spent another few sorting and cleaning. Sarah is a master packer, so that helps a ton. laughing Plus, having Leah over here during the packing process makes it oh so much funner. Did I mention that she’s crawling now? The last week has improved her speed by a huge amt., and she’s gonna be all over the house now! We still don’t have a move-in date, but I think our loan is locked in now. It could be as soon as the 8th, but the official date she has to be out by is the 21st, so we are trying not to count our chickens before they are hatched! Our rent will be paid through the end of this month, so we’ve got time to do the move in. So yeah, its been busy. crazy-mad-busy! tounge out But we’ll get there. And then it’ll be smooth sailing. smile


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That is such a nice place smile

What a cute place! I can definitely see you there. rainbow

That is an awesome place your’re buying. heart I’m very excited for you, being somewhere new and even better, calling it your own, is always fun.blush

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