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movin on up

Exciting news...

We made an offer on a condo, and the owner accepted. smile

We’ve been to the inspection, been talking to the mortgage people, and signing a lot of papers. We are waiting to hear on the appraisal, and which loan is gonna work best for us.

The original date for the owner to have her stuff out was the end of July, but now its sounding like she may be out sooner than that, middle of Julyish. Our lease here is up at the end of July, so it will work out nicely

It is beautiful inside. Its a former model in the condo community, and they did fancy wall treatments and fancier floors and cabinents. Beautiful borders on some walls. 3 bedroom, 2.1 baths, single car garage. No yard. A little space for flowers in the front. A huge master bedroom. We need to get a refridgerator, but the stove and dishwasher and microwave are built in. Several hundred square feet bigger than our current apartment. And it was towards the bottom of our desired price range. Its not in the side of town we were looking for, but its still okay.

I love it, and it will be ours soon!

I’ve started packing a little bit. The shelves downstairs with their decorative stuff and books are all in boxes. We’ve started shredding old papers just so we don’t have to move them. And I’m making floor plans in my head. I have a few pictures that I need to resize and upload to show off.

So all of this has definitely contributed to my absence of late. smile


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Eeeee, Kristine, that’s wonderful! Congratulations! smile fishy

I’d been wondering where you went!

(What’s 2.1 baths? I only know of halves!)

I was wondering where you had gone but all is forgiven, you brought us back good news!!! laughing

Oooh floorplans...here’s where I get all nerdy and want to use AutoCAD Lt. to put together floor plans smile

Yep, 2.1 is what the listing said on it. confused Its got 2 full bathrooms upstairs, with a shower in the master and a tub/shower in the hallway. And then downstairs, a toilet and a sink. So it seems more like 2.75 to me. smile And they are *beautiful* bathrooms. Especially compared to the regular condos in the same complex. They really did them up nice with beautiful counters and pretty light fixtures! I can’t wait to get my pictures up so you can see. smile

Mike, I have been known to do things like that before. wink I think we had an early version of Visio that did garden plans and I made it work for my bedroom plan when I was in high school still. And measured all the furniture. :giggle:

Congrats. Seems like everyone is buying and moving these days (Except me of course) laughing Cannot wait to hear about your moving and decorating adventures.

That’s so exciting! Congrats to both of you. I can’t wait to see pics, etc.

congratulations! smile heart

K., that’s awesome - buying your first place is a big achievement! I loved house shopping and still love househunting and moving gossip, so keep it coming laughing

Congratulations! That’s awesome! So 1 floor or 2? I have no clue if condos can have 2 floors. That is so exciting... show us pictures when you can. winkprheartheart

wow! congratulations! what wonderful news!

Congratulations! Be sure to share any househunting and/or housebuying tips you may have. smile

A very belated CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good luck with the move and best wishes for many years of love and happiness in your new home!

Congratulations! Hope all goes well with the move. laughing

Many best wishes to you guys on your condo purchase! That rocks! Congratulations, and show us pictures when you get time! smile

congrats to you...owning a home is such a big accomplishment laughing

Congrats! The new condo looks great. I especially like the borders in both the master bedroom and bath. I cannot wait to come back and see how you guys decorate.

Awesome! Congrats! Is this the year of the move? I keep reading all over the place (and noticing in real life) how everyone is moving to new digs, renting or owned.

I, myself, have become a first-time homeowner as well. Woo! Condo in downtown in my city. smile It’s pre-owned, and in an older building, but it’s well maintained and quite big for a single gal such as myself. smile I’m excited about the five appliances that come with it! YES! NO MORE COIN LAUNDRY!

I don’t move in until the end of August because my lease where I rent doesn’t end 'til then. But I’m excited for you! Moving to a new place, one that you OWN, is so cool. I’m giddy myself. laughing

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