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I finally got a chance to make a run through my fav sites to leave a few comments here and there tonight. I miss doing that a ton when I’m busy. its like I haven’t seen my best friends for weeks and spend hours catching up on their lives. smile oh yeah, that is exactly what its like. heart

I miss the days when I actually searched out new blog reads, too. I used to love watching my friends sites for new links I hadn’t seen before, and went out of my way to expand my network. Nowadays, I only make it through a small amt of sites regularly. Of course, having an RSS feed makes me able to at least skim over the news on a site; even if I don’t comment right away.

I need the good fairy of blog to come and sprinkle some bloggy powder on my head and I’ll instantly be more likely to do my reading and commenting and bloggyness stuff again!!! smile


It was nice to get comments from you again! I start to miss people too when I don’t visit their blogs regularly. *hugs* luvya

I’m probably not as busy as you are *lol* but I still can’t find the time to read new blogs. I really must expand my horizons.

I know exactly what you mean! After the craziness of the past 6 months, it is nice to finally get back on a (somewhat) regular schedule! I miss you when I don’t get a regular dose of agent K!

Hey, did you get my e-mail a few weeks ago about PY? Mike offered to look in to it for me, but I don’t know how customized it is and if it is something that might be faster for you to fix. Let me know! smile

I (sort of) know what you mean. Most of the weblogs I read, I was reading before I took a long web-hiatus and I’ve only added a handful to my list since I’ve been back. If I expanded my horizons I’d probably leave myself in total shock. butterfly

Ahh, free time. I used to have some of that, back in the old days. How lucky you young folks are! wink

Two questions;
How do you download the skins, and
How do you pronounce your name? (kadyellebee)


That’s how I found your blog. From another blog that linked to another blog and here I am.

I love it. You’re very creative! Too many neat things to add.. must resist urge to redo my blog.. smile